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Bat detection and analysis workshop, Sydney, June 2019

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Following the resounding success of our bat-call analysis workshop in Brisbane in January 2019, Balance! Environmental has teamed up with Titley Scientific to offer another workshop in Sydney.

Offered over three days (21-23 June 2019), the Sydney workshop will include an introductory day aimed at those who are new to bat-call detection and analysis, with sessions on the basics of bat acoustics, an overview of common detector types and how to maximise data quality when deploying detectors, and an introduction to call analysis using Anabat Insight. We'll also enjoy a bat-walk on the Sydney Harbour foreshore to look for some of Sydney's famous fishing bats (Myotis macropus).

Days 2 and 3 will encompass an intermediate/advanced course in bat-call analysis, with sessions on: data quality evaluation; species characteristics, including call variation due to behaviour and habitat factors; tips, tricks and traps of identification; and the use of filters, searches and reporting tools.  The workshop will focus primarily on the Anabat Insight analysis tool, but group and individual sessions on Day 3 will allow time to explore and receive guidance on other call-analysis software.

More information and pricing is available in this workshop flyer.

To book your place on this workshop, phone Titley Scientific on 07 3205 8450.

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