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Microbat Roost Management

  Bats in your belfry?

Lucky you!  Insectivorous bats ("microbats") are Mother Nature's pest controllers, so having a bat roost around is a great way to keep those pesky mozzies at bay; however, not everyone is happy having a colony of bats living in their roof or wall cavities, as they can sometimes get rather smelly and cause staining on plaster and paint-work.

Balance! Environmental provides a bat roost management service to help building managers and householders design and implement a humane program of management, usually by a process of gradual exclusion, that ensures the safety of the bats as well as the building occupants.  Our roost management process follows guidelines produced by the Australasian Bat Society and Bat Conservation International; and has been given state-wide (Queensland) approval by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, through our Species Managament Program - Microbat Roosts in Buildings.

  Bats in culverts, bridges etc.

We also work with infrastructure managers on the survey and management of bat roosts in structures such as culverts, bridges and tunnels.  Whether you just want to know what's using that old tunnel, or you need to decommission and/or replace a bridge or culvert, Balance! Environmental can conduct appropriate surveys, devise management plans and, if necessary, develop site-specific Species Management Programs to ensure your project runs smoothly and is compliant with the relevant Regulations.

Providing advice and delivering approved management programs for bat management in:

  • residential buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • schools
  • other government buildings
  • culverts & bridges
  • tunnels & mines
  • other built infrastructure