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Balanced solutions for a healthy environment

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Welcome to Balance! Environmental

We are a unique environmental consultancy, offering general ecological services (assessment, monitoring and planning) plus highly-specialised bat echolocation call analysis and microbat ecology and management.

Life's about balance, right? Family time/work time, wholesome food/spoil-yourself food ...
nature conservation/economic development and production.  

Here at Balance! Environmental, we understand the need to feed, clothe and provide energy and shelter for a growing human population; but we also believe strongly in the need to maintain natural processes, ecosystems and species.  Not just because the wildflowers are pretty or the animals cute, but because without properly functioning natural ecosystems, human survival is threatened.

So, we strive to bring balance between human ecosystems and natural ecosystems.  Our aim is to assist you, our clients and community, to find a balance between development or production practices and nature conservation, so that our great-grand-children are able to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, functional natural environment.

How can we help you?

Whether you are a commercial entity or not-for-profit, big or small, and in need of general ecology, or species-specific services, from small patch to whole catchment, Balance! Environmental is willing to tailor an ecological solution for your project. See our Services page for more detail on what we offer.

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Latest news

Along with our regular consultancy projects, we play an active role in our local and regional communities as well as a range of affiliated organisations. Check out our News page to see what we've been up to.

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