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G'day and welcome to our new website.

We're an ecological consultancy based in the beautiful 'Garden City' of Toowoomba, in south-eastern Queensland.

We've been operating since 2010, although Director and Principal Ecologist Greg Ford has been offering his specialist bat ecology and echolocation call analysis services since about 1997.

Balance! Environmental is about just that: balance.  Part of the initial impetus for the business was about finding balance between work and family life (Greg was previously holding down a full-time job, helping to raise a young family and consulting in his spare time); but we're also focused on helping our community and clients find balance between the pressures of economic development and the need to conserve the natural environment.  We understand that to eat, clothe and house ourselves, we need to utilise the natural environment; and we also know that we can't just keep exploiting Nature for our own benefit at the cost of other species and communities. So all that we do is to driven by our will to achieve balance between human endeavour and maintaining healthy, functioning, diverse ecosystems.

So, please, browse our site to learn more about what we do and, perhaps, even learn something new about the things we're passionate about.

And don't forget to drop in again from time to time and check out our latest news or other newly-published content.

Thanks for visiting; we hope you enjoy your time in this space.


Greg and the balance(d) team

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