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Microbat Survey & Monitoring

  Bats are our business!

If you're in need of specialist advice or a project partner with extensive experience in bat ecology and management, then look no further.  Balance! Environmental is home to respected 'batman' Greg Ford, who has been working with Australia's bats for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge on our unique species and their habitat requirements.  With Greg's bat survey and assessment skills and our substantial 'kit' of specialist bat equipment (e.g. harp traps and echolocation detectors), we are your 'go-to' for batty projects.

So, whether you have a bat-focused project, or you need a bat-specialist to complement a general ecology survey team, contact us today.  


Contact us for advice or to arrange specialist bat projects, such as:

  • bat survey & species inventory
  • threatened species survey and monitoring
  • bat habitat evaluation
  • roost occupation assessment
  • acoustic (echolocation) surveys
  • species/habitat management planning

If it's bats in built infrastructure you're interested in, check out this page.